Teaching content

Turnkey exercises!

Boreal Tales offers a wide variety of turnkey challenges for every grade level. Our team of artists works in collaboration with education specialists to create these reading and writing challenges. This ensures that the challenges follow the students’ learning process, by grade level.
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Ready-to-use content

Reading challenges come with worlds that are already built, a questionnaire that can be downloaded and printed out, as well as an answer key.
In the game, students explore the world and read texts.
Then, they fill out the printed questionnaire. You can use the downloadable answer grid to correct exercises the same way you would do on paper: direct feedback from the teacher, in a classroom group, subgroup or by self-correcting.
(English subtitles are available for the video)

A reading challenge contains:

1 – A world that is already built

2 – A questionnaire that can be downloaded and printed out

3 – An answer key for the teacher

Reading challenges require little preparation from the teachers and allow students to explore diverse worlds that they can use as inspiration for their own creation.