Subscription system explained

Our subscription system

Our subscription system works in batches of seats. Each seat allows one child to be part of your group. This system has several advantages:

  • A unique price per teacher, no calculation to do.
  • No need to wait until the beginning of the school year to know how many students you will have in your class!
  • Do you have students that are joining your group during the year? No problem, as long as there are free seats in your membership.

If you want to know how to manage a large number of subscriptions, for a school or school board for example, go to the Subscription system explained  page.

The teacher  has an account on the Teacher Platform . Teachers will be able to manage their groups on this platform.
Through the Teacher Platform, the teacher will be able to add students to their groups.
Each student that is added to a group occupies one available seat .
Please note that the same student added to multiple groups will take multiple seats.
To obtain seats, the teacher can purchase, or be granted, packages.
Each package contains a certain number of seats .

If the teacher owns multiple packages, the seats from each package add up.

For example, a teacher with a “Class” package (30 seats) and a “Small Group” package (15 seats) will have 45 seats available to use in their groups.

free trial  is available. You can get 37 seats for 25 days free of charge.
You may notice that we have made significant changes to the way you can subscribe to Nanomonx. From now on, instead of buying a licence for each of your students, you simply buy the package size that best corresponds to your group. This is great, because:
  • There is now a unique price per package, no need to calculate as a function of your number of students.
  • You don’t have to wait to have confirmation of the exact number of students you will have in your class next year! You already know your final price.
  • You have students that join your group during the year? No problem! As long as you have empty seats remaining in your package, you can add these students at no cost, without even having to communicate with us.