How to buy student licenses

Buying student licenses for Boreal Tales is simple and can be done directly online. Just follow these easy steps.

1 – You must first create an account on teacher administration website. Choose “create a manager account here” on the login page.

2 – Once you are connected with your account, go to “Manage my licenses” and choose “Buy additional licenses”.

3 – Simply choose the type of license you need (with the appropriate validity period), and enter the number of licenses you wish to buy, and follow the instructions. You need one license for each student that will be using the game. You do not need to purchase licenses for teachers, as they get free access to the game.

4 – Payment is done with a credit card, and is processed via our secured third party payment service provider, Stripe. Nanomonx does not store or save your credit card information.

5 – You will receive an email confirming your transaction, and your licenses will be automatically added to your Boreal Tales account.

6 – Licenses are fully transferable between teachers. To reduce the number of transactions, and since prices could be discounted when a large number of licenses are purchased, it is recommended to group your purchases and simply distribute the licenses among the teachers using the game (they need to also create their own account on the teacher administration website).

7 – The app itself is free to download on any number of devices. You can :

Your students will not be able to log onto the game until you create their student accounts and provide them with their personal identifiers. This must be done by each teacher for his/her class, and detailed instructions are provided in the Teacher’s Guide, which you can :

If you have any questions, or would like to enquire about other available modes of payment, please contact us at

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