Purchase for 2019-2020

You can now subscribe to Boreal Tales for the 2019-2020 school year now!

Why wait for the ultra-busy beginning of the school year to make your purchase? Buying immediately will give you the opportunity to begin using the game as soon as school starts!

We are offering a variety of packages, adapted to the size of your group. Click on the button below to discover them and make your purchase. Don’t worry, you won’t be forced to make a purchase by clicking on this button!

You may notice that we have made significant changes to the way you can subscribe to Boreal Tales. From now on, instead of buying a licence for each of your students, you simply buy the package size that best corresponds to your group. This is great, because:

  • There is now a unique price per package, no need to calculate as a function of your number of students.
  • You don’t have to wait to have confirmation of the exact number of students you will have in your class next year! You already know your final price.
  • You have students that join your group during the year? No problem! As long as you have empty seats remaining in your package, you can add these students at no cost, without even having to communicate with us.

My school prefers paying via check or bank transfer, is it possible?

No problem! Simply send us your purchase order at info@nanomonx.com, making sure to include the type and quantity of each package you wish to purchase. We will send you an invoice that your school can pay using a check or a bank transfer. The packages will be added to your account once we have sent you the invoice.

I created challenges for my students during the current school year. After these changes take effect, will I still be able to use my challenges with my students next year?

These changes have no impact on the challenges you have already created, so you will be able to re-use them next year (if you re-use the same group).

I have 18 students in my class, and buying one Small Group package (15 seats) and one Trio package (3 seats) is cheaper than buying one Class (30 seats) package…

Each package gives you a number of seats that can be combined and assigned to one or more group. You can therefore have a group of 18 by combining one Small Group and one Trio package. Note however that if you need to add students to your group during the year, since all your seats will already be assigned, you will need to buy additional packages to get more seats, which would not be the case if you had taken a Class package that gives access to 30 seats. It’s your call!

Next year, I will have students in my class that have already played Boreal Tales in their class this year. Will I need to create new accounts for them?

During the summer of 2019, we will have to erase all students’ accounts for the last time. Your students will therefore need a new account next year. However, they will then get to keep that account from one year to the next, and you will only need to assign them a seat at the beginning of the year.

I am a special education teacher, and one of my students also uses the game with their ELA teacher. Who, between the ELA teacher and myself, must have a package for that student?

Your package gives you access to a certain number of seats for your groups, that you can assign to the students of your choice. The ELA teacher must also have enough seats in her package to welcome all the students in her groups. Even though shared students only have one account (no need to remember two passwords!), they still occupy one seat in your group and one seat in the ELA teacher’s group. Therefore, both the ELA teacher and yourself need to make sure your package provides you with enough seats for all your students, even the shared ones.

Some of my students left my class during the year. Do they still occupy seats in my group?

You can remove the access to your group to any students at any time. This does not destroy these students’ accounts, but does free up seats in your group. If the students who left your group join the group of another teacher using Boreal Tales, they will retain their account and occupy seats in their new teacher’s class.

This structure provides us with the ability to introduce, in the near future, new features that have been requested by many of our users. (More about this soon!) Also, as many schools do not authorize direct payment online, situations where teachers wanted to add a new student to their class during the year took time to process administratively, which was unfortunate for the new student. With this structure, the new student can start playing on the first day in class, as most of the time no purchase is necessary.

As a parent using the game with my child, the price has significantly increased compared to last year. Why?

Many of our costs (administration, billing, customer support, etc.) are a direct function of the number of educators using the game, and not the number of students. It was becoming very difficult for us to support the use of the game at home. However, note that even at the new price, Boreal Tales remains one of the cheapest commercial application on the market (and kids love it!).

If you have any questions or comments, contact us at :

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