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Privacy Policy – Boreal Tales – Nanomonx inc.

Version 1.2 – Effective as of August 1st, 2018

At Nanomonx, we believe in the privacy of our users and the protection of their data. We commit ourselves to protect the confidentiality of the Student’s and Teacher’s data we collect. We guarantee that we only collect user data that is essential to the educational goals of our users and the smooth functioning of our applications and services. We will at no time sell or share personally identifiable information with third parties, nor will we use that information for marketing purposes. We only share some anonymized data with Unity and Google Analytics for bug fixing, statistics and technical improvements. This data cannot be linked to a user and will not be matched with other data collected by the Services.

This document provides details about our Privacy Policy for the application Boreal Tales. This Privacy Policy is an integral part of our legal agreement binding the users and Nanomonx.

Used terms

When this document mentions Boreal Tales, it automatically and fully applies to the Services under their translated names, such as La Constellation de l’Ours.

Boreal Tales consists of two distinct interfaces :

  1. The Teacher’s or school administration website : The Teacher or whoever manages the Students’ group or classroom uses a website to administer Students’ work, buy licenses, etc. We will use the term Administrative Website in this document when referring to this website.
  2. The application, installed on the user’s device : We will use the term Application in this document.
  3. When referring to both the Administrative Website and the Application, we will use the term Services.

This Privacy Policy applies to the Services (both the Application and Administrative Website).

There are two types of users in Boreal Tales :

  1. Parents, teachers, tutors or school administration : In this document, we will use the term Teacher for any adult managing a class or a group.
  2. Students, children, etc : In this document, we will use the term Student for any member of the classroom that is not a manager.

The Classroom

Collectively, a group of Students and their Teacher form the Classroom.

Boreal Tales is a game (Administrative Website and Application) allowing Students to write texts that can be corrected by their Teacher and shared, if the Teacher agrees to it, with the other Students in the Classroom. For the purpose of this functionality, Nanomonx saves the texts written by the Students. The sharing of texts written by Students in the context of the Classroom is subject to the school administration’s privacy policy and Nanomonx cannot be held responsible if confidential or sensitive information is shared in that context. Still, Nanomonx takes every precaution so that those texts cannot be shared outside the Classroom, as is described in this Privacy Policy.

Collected Data

Teacher :

Within Boreal Tales Services, Nanomonx collects personal information from Teachers for the purposes of :

  • Logging in a user to the Services
  • Sales and billing
  • Services functionality
  • Teachers submitting challenges to Students
  • Students submitting creations to Teachers

The following information, relative to the Teacher, can be collected :

  • Email address
  • Billing and shipping address
  • Browser and device used
  • Name of the school, school level
  • Payment information
  • Services data
  • Content created by the Teacher (licenses purchased, transferred, challenges, etc.)

Student :

Within Boreal Tales Services, Nanomonx collects personal information about Students for the purposes of :

  • Logging a user in the application
  • Services functionality
  • Students submitting creations to Teachers

The following information, relative to the Student, can be collected or inferred:

  • Username and password
  • Display name, selected and entered by the Teacher
  • School level, Teacher’s name
  • Services data (avatar, usage time, number of words written, etc.)
  • Content created by the Student in the Application (worlds and texts created by the Student)

Note that the only personally identifiable information we collect about the Student is the display name which is selected by the Teacher. Even though this display name must ensure that the other Students can easily identify the Student in the Application, the Teacher is not required to enter the Student’s full name. This information is provided by the Teacher. We never directly ask the Student for any personally identifiable data.

Within Boreal Tales Services, Nanomonx does not collect the following information:

  • Physiological and biometric data
  • Geolocation data
  • Contacts or friends list of the user
  • Any data about other applications’ usage on the device
  • Internet navigation history


Part of Boreal Tales is an Application made with a software called Unity. Technical, anonymised data (data that cannot be linked to a precise user) is collected by Unity and consulted by Nanomonx. Information collected this way is solely used to find bugs, identify technical problems and improve the overall quality of the Application.

Unity can collect the following information:

  • Device IP address
  • Model platform type and operating system
  • Device manufacturer
  • Unique device identifiers
  • Country of install
  • Graphics card type
  • Technical details about the device’s components

Link to the Privacy Policy of Unity :

Link to the Privacy Policy of Unity specifically addressing COPPA :

Google Analytics

The Administrative Website also saves some anonymised user data on how the Teachers use the website. Note that the content generated by students is never shared with Google Analytics.

Data captured by Google can be :

  • Number of Student creations shared with the Classroom
  • Number of Student creations not shared with the Classroom
  • The Teacher’s operating system
  • The Teacher’s browser
  • The type of device used (mobile, tablet, pc)
  • Number of Student creations per Teacher
  • How many times the Teacher has changed Student passwords and usernames
  • Total number of users
  • The country from which the Teacher has connected to the Administrative Website
  • The website from which the Teacher arrives when connecting to the Administrative Website.

This data is completely anonymised and does not contain any personally identifiable information.

Link to Google’s privacy policy:

Link to Google’s terms of service:

In other words, no personal Student profile is created by Boreal Tales outside the scope of its functionality.


Cookies are small data files that can be saved on your device when you use web pages or other online services. They are frequently used to improve web sites functionality. Other types of technologies can also save small amount of data on your devices, we will integrate them to the concept of Cookies for the purpose of this document.

Nanomonx only uses the following type of Cookies :

  • Performance and functionality : Those cookies are not essential but help us personnalise and optimise user experience. For example, they can save a user’s preferences so they do not have to enter them more then once. They can also remember a user’s username and password so they do not have to enter them every time they access a web page.

What does Nanomonx do with the collected data?

Nanomonx’s business model, with Boreal Tales, is based on the sale of licenses to Teachers or educational institutions (schools, school boards, etc.). This is the only way that Boreal Tales generates revenue. Nanomonx will never generate revenue by selling or using its users’ data outside the scope of licenses sales.The information collected is used in the following contexts :

  • Allowing Teachers to manage the Services and play with them
  • Allowing Students to play the Application
  • Billing Teachers or school administration
  • Communicating Services updates or important information about the Application
  • Discovering bugs and fixing them

Nanomonx does not share any personal information outside the Classroom with the exception of the cases mentioned above, without written consent of the Teacher.

By default, the Students can see the creations of their classmates. The Teacher can limit this access if they wish to.

Anonymised data is used for the purposes of :

  • Statistics
  • Research and development
  • Customer support

Advertisements and marketing

Boreal Tales does not show Student any advertisements, whether for other Nanomonx products or other companies products.

Data deletion

After a maximum of 3 months after the end of the school year, all personal information about Students is deleted. Personal information can also be deleted by written request from the Teacher or parent or by the Student himself if they are 18 years old or older.

Security policy

Nanomonx uses industrial standards of protection to prevent users’ data from being accessed, used, modified or destroyed by third parties. Note that data security cannot be 100% guaranteed due to constant advances in hacking methods and viruses. Nanomonx cannot be held responsible in the event of lost or altered user data. If any data breach occurs, concerned Teacher users will be notified by email as soon as possible.

Content by Classroom Students

In Boreal Tales, Teachers and Students generate a lot of content. It is the Teacher’s responsibility to make sure that the content is appropriate for their Students. Nanomonx will do no surveillance or control over this content and cannot be held responsible for it. The Services allow the Teacher to read and control the content before it is shared with the Classroom.

Access to personal data

Students cannot access their own private data. They can obtain this data (display name, username and password) only by asking their Teacher, who can access it through the Administrative Website. Nanomonx can provide this data to the Student’s parent or the Student himself if they are 18 years old or older, upon written request.

Change in ownership

In the event where some or all of Nanomonx and its assets are purchased or merged with a third party, users’ personal information would be part of the transferred assets. This Privacy Policy would continue to apply and the new owner would only be allowed to manage users’ data in accordance with this Policy (unless the user agrees to a new privacy policy). Nanomonx will notify its Teacher users of such transactions in the 30 days following the transaction, either by updating its website or by email. If you do not accept the information transfer to the third party, you can request that the information be deleted and we will comply.

In the unlikely event that Nanomonx ceases its operations, all personal data will be deleted in the 12 months following the end of its operations.

Disclosure of information to comply with legal obligations

Nanomonx can disclose certain user personal information if it believes, in good faith, that this is mandatory to comply with certain legal obligations such as a subpoena or an other legal process. We could have the obligation to disclose personal information if it is needed in order to protect the rights, property and security of Nanomonx, its employees, its community or other, or to prevent the violation of our current contractual agreements. This includes, without restricting itself to, the sharing of information with other companies or organizations for fraud protection or to comply with governmental requirements.

Changes and updates to this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy takes effect starting on August 1st, 2018 and is version 1.2. Nanomonx can, on rare occasions and at its sole discretion and without prior notice, update, revise modify or add to the content of this Privacy Policy. If Nanomonx changes this Policy in any way, a notice will be sent to the Teachers subscribing to the Services with a link giving access to the new privacy policy. The new version of the policy will also be made available on Nanomonx’s website.

Nanomonx asks its users to revise the Privacy Policy modifications before continuing to use our services. Any usage of Boreal Tales Services by a Teacher after the new privacy policy has taken effect will constitute an acceptance from the Teacher of the new policy terms.

Consent for data collection and information management

By accepting the terms of the Teacher Terms of Use Agreement, users expressly accept that Nanomonx will collect and use personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. Teacher users also declare that they have been informed of Nanomonx’s objectives when it collects, manages and uses this information, and understand how the confidentiality of this information will be protected. Teacher users also declare that they understand that they are authorised to remove their consent to this Privacy Policy.


For any information concerning this Privacy Policy, contact Nanomonx at