Boreal Tales v3.0!

Here are some new features and improvements that we’ve cooked up for the new version!

Revised teacher platform

You now have access to a complete UI overhaul for our teacher website. It’ll be much easier to navigate and find the information you need. We’ve developed a whole suite of tools to help you manage your class, quickly, easily and accurately.

New, more flexible, licencing system

From here on out, rather than purchasing and assigning a license for each student, you’ll be able to simply select a package that suits your type of group. Then, as long as you have seats available, you’ll be able to swap and add students without having to make another purchase or contact us.

We know your classes change over the school year, and we’re trying to make our system respond to that.

Improved control over the challenges

You will soon be able to have much finer-grain control over which challenges your students will be working on: highlight the challenges you want them to focus on, or assign different challenges to different students in the same group.

Colorful new themes!

Our artists have been hard at work creating new themes. This year we’re planning:

  • More themes in line with your social studies curriculum

  • New exciting themes to motivate your students!

  • A range of mini-themes for more targeted exercises (environment, world culture, children’s drawings, etc.)

These themes will be released progressively over the course of the school year. So make sure to check back often to see what we’ve added.

New modes in the game

With visitor mode, parents and other classes are now able to visit the worlds of your students, with only a simple access code. With teacher mode, you’ll soon be able to create standalone worlds that your students will have access to. Perfect to make quizzes and reading exercises.

L'équipe de La Constellation de l'OursBoreal Tales v3.0!