Managing multiple subscriptions

Managing multiple packages

This page is for users charged with managing a large volume of subscription packings, normally for multiple other users.
If you are a teacher and you want to know more about more about the subscription package system and how to add students, go to Our Subscription System.

Boreal Tales works with a system of packages  and seats . A user can own and/or use a package.
As the owner  (a user who owns packages) you can:
  1. Assign a package  to a user who can use it. The owner of the package does not change.
  2. Take back a package  at any moment, this will return full use of the package to the owner, but will revoke any usage by the user to which it was assigned.
  3. Send packages . A sent package will have its owner changed, and all management rights will fall to the recipient. This can’t be undone without the cooperation of the recipient, and should be done with care.
  4. Access certain usage statistics  about your subscription packages.
The teacher , meanwhile, can add students to his group and use the game with them.
Boreal Tales offers many tools to help manage packages distributed amongst a large number of users.
The Teacher Platform , serves as the control panel for both owners and users of packages.
The 2 sections of the platform that an owner will primarily use are My Subscription Packages and Buy.
The My Subscription Packages page has many tools to help you:
  1. The My Usage tab (1) is primarily for the teacher. It contains information about the seats and the students that occupy them.
  2. In the Packages Available via Self-serve tab (2) you can view all the packages that have been shared with you via self-serve and can be taken at will.
  3. The Transfer tab (3) allows you to manage who is using you packages.
  4. The Allow Self-serve tab (4) is convenient if you want to freely share your packages with a number of users. More informations here
  5. On the Information tab (5), you can find Subscription Packages Pending Transfer which tells us which subscription packages are distributed to users who have not created their account yet. These subscriptions will become usable by them once their accounts are created. In the Expired Subscription Packages, we find the log of previously purchased packages.

Allow Self-serve

Self-serve is a feature allowing a group of teachers to pick the subscriptions they need by themselves.
The owner of multiple subscriptions creates a white list of users who can access their subscriptions.
There are two ways to add users to the white list :
    1. Per email :
      The owner can autorise teachers one by one by entering their email addresses.
    2. Per domain name :
      The owner can enter a domain name and anyone who signs up to a Nanomonx account with an email in that domain will have access to the owner’s subscriptions.
      The domain of an email is indicated by how it ends. For example, is part of the domain
      We do not allow public domains to be used with this feature, for example,
    Note that you can remove a user’s access at anytime. To check who’s using your subscriptions, head to the Transfer page.