Frequently asked questions

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Explanatory videos are available under the TUTORIALS tab. Some videos were made for the previous version of the game, but we will update them soon. Please note that the game is very intuitive and easy to use!

We thoroughly test the game before releasing any updates, and work very hard to iron out all the bugs, but there is no way we can test as efficiently as thousands of students playing the game on a daily basis! If you or your students encounter difficulties when running the game or using the teacher administration website, please contact us at INFO@NANOMONX.COM. Our developers will help you resolve the problem and, if needed,  permanent solutions will be included in the next update

If you are having connection errors within the web site or the game, it’s possible that Boreal Tales requested URL are being blocked by your school’s firewall.

The first thing to do would be to contact your school’s IT service and ask them to whitelist these two URL :


If the problem persists please contact us.

All the information on the use of Boreal Tales with WordQ IS ON THIS PAGE.

Students from first to eighth grade will have fun using Boreal Tales. The game is sufficiently flexible to allow teachers to submit challenges that are adjusted to both the educational goals they are targeting and the writing skills of their students. We even have kindergarten classes using the game!

Boreal Tales is very user friendly. The awesome objects and characters allowing students to create universes are an endless source of inspiration and of motivation to write. Many specialized class teachers use the game with their students.

The game is available in both English and French. It is up to the teacher to choose which language will be displayed in the game. The teacher administration website is also available in English and French. Please note that the game can be used to write in any language, no matter the displayed language, which makes it a great tool for the learning of a second language.

It is possible to copy/paste text from and into the game, which allows you to use these apps as needed. However, there is no direct interface.

Since the student can access their creations using a unique username, many students can play alternately on the same device as long as they connect to their own account and exit the game when they are finished. Each student must have their own user’s license (provided by the teacher).

You need an Internet connection to start a game session. The connection can then be lost without disrupting the game session. However, the connection must be restored before exiting the game if you do not want to lose the work done since the last connection.

The app is free and can be installed on many devices. However, you must own a license to play. If your child has an account created by their teacher, they can also play at home using this account (as long as the teacher agrees with it!).

It is! The game itself is free, but you need a license (yearly subscription) to play. Buying licenses is not limited to teachers, you simply have to create an account then follow the instructions to buy the desired number of licenses.All pricing information is on THIS PAGE