COVID-19 and Distance Learning

COVID-19 and Distance Learning with Boreal Tales

As many schools have now been shut throughout the world due to the COVID-19, and many more are preparing to do so in the coming weeks. We here at Nanomonx, have decided to help in whatever way we can, as schools begin to transition into distance learning. Boreal Tales is a platform well suited to distance learning, the Teacher Platform is available anywhere through a web browser, and the Boreal Tale game is free to install on Chromebooks, Android tablets, iPad, Windows and Mac computers.


We’re extending the Free Trial to 90 days

Due to the extraordinary circumstances, and the potential length of the closures, we’ve decided to extend the free trial up to 90 days. This means that anyone can try the game with a classroom of up to 37 students, for free. If 90 days does not cover the duration of the crisis, we will look at extending the free trial.


Boreal Tales works well for parents as well as classrooms

If you are a parent and your child’s school is still working on setting up their distance learning system, you can still use Boreal Tales in the home setting. Just create an account on the Teacher Platform, create a group for your child and add them. Boreal Tales does require an adult to check the student’s writing, but this kind of personal feedback is what’s needed for the best learning outcomes. Plus, exploring and reading your child’s stories are a lot of fun!


Boreal Tales is always free to download and install

If your students have access to Boreal Tales at school then they have access to it at home, all they need is a device to run it on. They just need to log into the game with their account. The Boreal Tale game is always free to install on Chromebooks, Android tablets, iPad, Windows and Mac computers. Here is one link that will tell your students (or their parents) how to get the game set up on their local devices:

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