Assigning students

To be part of a group, each student needs to have a student account.

Each student account   needs a unique username and password, which are necessary to connect to the game. Students can use the same account for all their classes and will be able to keep the account from one year to the next. They can keep their finished creations as they learn, even as they change classes.

There are two ways to assign students :
1. For young children (normally 7 years or less), you can create their accounts for them, and they will be automatically added to your group.
2. For older children, it’s better to let them create their own accounts and let them add themselves to your group with an access code.

How to create student accounts as a teacher:

Go to the My Students page
Choose the group you wish to add a student to
You can now create students via a spreadsheet (1) or one by one (2). Creation by spreadsheet is quicker way to make accounts for a large number of students, but it’s more complicated that creating accounts one by one. In both cases, the students will be automatically added to the group.
* Make sure to keep students’ passwords, these will not be accessible once the creation is complete.

Students create their own account

In the game, installed on your devices, student’s can create their own account.

* It is possible that students already have an account. In that case they can use their existing account.

To create an account and to join a group, your students will need your group code. You will need to provide this code to your student at the beginning of your first class.
This method is the quickest way to create accounts for your entire class. For the teacher, they just need to create the group and write the group code on the board.
However, students need to be able to read and fill out the short form in order to create their account.